Friday, January 29, 2010

Our God is Greater

Watching this video clip from Passion 2010 gives me chills. It reminded me of the moments when people were waking up to what this life is all about. Exciting stuff.

I love the bridge which says ...

And if our God is for us
Then who could ever stop us
And if our God is with us
Then what could stand against

It's so true. I was reminded of it again tonight as we were talking about having great expectations. Our faith is grounded in who Jesus is. And that is what gives us incredible conviction ... faith in God is what causes hope to spring up in us. Hope pulls us into everything that God has planned and dreamed for us.

We are part of an unstoppable Kingdom. One that will never fade and that will never be shaken. When we run after God's purposes, we will not be thwarted. Our God will not be moved. Our God is greater.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Photo taken from 268blog

AWAKENING. That was the major theme of Passion 2010 and what an awakening it was. It was incredibly moving and powerful seeing so many students and young people awakening to what this life is all about. It was all of us trading the little things of this life for the huge thing ... the big Story of God.

And when you catch a glimpse of the grandeur and glory of God, you realize you don't need anything else. He is more than enough for all that we need.

You weren’t made to be somebody but to know Somebody. Self-forgetfulness in the presence of greatness is the capstone of joy.
~ John Piper

Even for me, it was a huge awakening ... life isn't about me. It's all for God ... I want to be a part of His Story. I want to spread His Fame over all the earth.

Definitely much more to process ... but I loved the moments of worshiping with 22,000 other people ...
WOW. There were moments where it felt like something was going to explode ... the energy, the passion, the zeal ... and in many ways, there were explosions everywhere you turned ...

Hearts being turned back to God. Hearts awakening to Jesus for the very first time. Long-timers believing once again that He is the One who offers rescue, hope and life forever. People coming alive and getting a taste of true life.

Beautiful, just beautiful ... and of course, the challenge now is to live it out ... to work it out. Only thru Him ... may He be everything in us that we cannot be.

And you know what? He is everything! Praise God.