Thursday, September 10, 2009

Passion 2010 Livelink

Every generation lives for something. What are you living for?

For those of you that have followed my blog for awhile via the old site, you'll know that I'm very big on this ministry called Passion. God has used it to breathe hope in me when I felt so hopeless and fearful. And it has challenged me to live for something ultimate. If it were up to me, I would want every college student to be able to attend this conference. It is so worth it.

This Monday, 9/14, there will be a livelink (a nite of worship and prayer streaming live via the web) that we can all join. A few of us are meeting up at CBCSJ to participate. I'm trusting and believing that it'll be a great nite because our God will be there.

More details about the livelink can be found here.

Even though I'm no longer in college, I still believe so much in this generation. I know what it's like to wonder if I'm living for what truly matters. I long to see a generation rise up ... unleashed to do everything that God has dreamed for them. And to alter history in Jesus' Name.

So, come on out ... participate in the livelink and be challenged to live for the One who matters.

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