Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Simple Pleasures

  • Coca-cola with ice on a hot day = pure bliss. Refreshing. It's the simple things that bring a smile to our faces.

Here are more of my simple pleasures in life.
  • Beautiful flowers

  • Blue skies

  • Crème brûlée

  • Spectacular views

  • Candy

  • What are your simple pleasures?

    What is it that causes you to smile? What do you enjoy?


  1. I used to think it was kind of naive of me to get all excited over buying a new video game or watching a new TV series. Or playing on the swings, or walking in a park, or playing random board games, or finding a quarter on the sidewalk. But I really think it's the simple things in life that are really worthwhile. I think all things go back to God and his creation. He was afraid we'd get bored on Earth haha.

  2. great photos, did you take all of those? :) yes, the simplest things are the best things. and i agree, God is given glory in each of those moments we cherish. gotta thank Him!

  3. yup, i did take all these photos! :D thanks for stopping by. hoping i'll see a little more wonder soon!