Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Where did that come from?

In my effort to get this new blog up and running, I realized I didn't even take the time to explain the title.

Life is an interesting thing ... filled with moments that take your breath away ... moments of joy ... moments of despair ... struggle ... change ... yet I find it's in the power of one moment that seemingly can alter our lives forever.

I remember having one of these moments. I was listening to the cd, "Ending is Beginning" by Downhere and there was just something about the track called, "Hope is rising." I know what it feels like to stop believing ... whether it be for a moment or for a season of life.

And yet, there is something so incredibly beautiful when hope rises up again. It's this sense that no matter what comes our way, the future will be better. There is optimism ... a belief in greater things to come. And most of all, it is grounded in this huge confidence in everything that God can do. I love moments when hope becomes real ... when it rises up in you and you feel ready to rise up. You begin to live the way God has always intended.

So, if you're tired of reading ... check out the song and may you live filled with hope. Because really ... there is no other way to live.

I've lost all my earthly optimism,
That it's all going to be alright,
That the good will win this fight.
Somewhere between youth and disappointments,
The dream became despair, the love became a lie.

Just now, I've reached the end of my line,
Just now, I'm too tired to keep on trying.

Hope is rising, it's a sunrise, for the end
Hope is rising, and it's breathing for me again,
Hope is rising again.

Soon beneath the roses I will lie,
All the memories of my days, gathered to the sky,
Soon all my work will find it's worth,
And all my strength returned, to the water and the earth.

Just when I reach the end of my life,
Just when my eyes dim out the last light.


  1. I agree, life always has its ups and downs, but I think it can be so powerful to have those sudden moments of hope. It can really change the way you perceive things. Sometimes hope can be kind of irrational, but that's also not important. A lot of things are hard to explain.. They have their own phenomenon did I spell that right? XD - Vinnie [spell check FTW] Take the time to count those blessings..